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Feeling Bored In Sobriety? Here’s How To Have Fun Without Alcohol

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My social circle changed when I got sober because I realized that many of my relationships were based on getting drunk together, and that was it. Getting drunk did not magically change the dynamics of that situation. We were all just sitting around and getting drunk, perfectly content to not really do anything together.

50 Times People Realized They Are Old As Hell – Bored Panda

50 Times People Realized They Are Old As Hell.

Posted: Sun, 03 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

And when you were 14 and 16 and 18 the time before you started drinking and that was the center of your life. And it’s time to look forward to what is hiding underneath what you’ve been doing. The dreams that you had that you’ve never gone after.

Months Without A Drink, And 2000 Miles Ran! I’ve Never Looked Like This

You can go to the waterfront, or to another area that is pretty by your home and look around and take in the view and bring a chair and bring a book and bring a blanket if you want to. You can go to a lake and watch your kids splashing around and actually get in the water and splash around with them. However, feeling bored without alcohol isn’t actually a bad thing. And the sickness and tiredness you feel after the initial high of alcohol consumption wears off is neither fun nor interesting. So drinking because you’re bored isn’t doing much for you in the long run.

  • As with any addiction, drinking is a habit.
  • I met them for the first time when I interviewed them on my podcast.
  • And when you were 14 and 16 and 18 the time before you started drinking and that was the center of your life.
  • You can get that and so much more when you join us in The PATH!
  • And I would think about what else I could do with my afternoons and my evenings that didn’t center around wine.

If you start your journey feeling deprived, you’re much more likely to experience boredom. Being bored after quitting drinking is easily overcome. I’m glad he added in that he dieted and worked out too. Stopping drinking doesn’t magically make you healthy. Other lifestyle changes factor in as well.

Ways to Stop Drinking Out of Boredom

But just giving you ideas of what you can do, and picking out an assignment that you want to try. It also made me tired, which got rid of some of my anxiety. It made me feel accomplished early in the morning. And if I did nothing else, I was like, Okay, I did that today.

Journaling allowed me to step outside of my emotions. I could pour my heart out and every irrational thought onto the pages. I over-identified with every negative feeling in my body. I’ve included this separate from hobbies because I don’t believe that journaling is a hobby. Start with going for walks for minutes every day. Pursue outdoor activities like kayaking or fishing.

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Alcohol makes you stupid and lazy…and your potential is aching to get out. Alcohol has convinced you to settle for situations, conversations, and people that are…well, boring. And, you’ve found that you can dilute your senses in order to tolerate these boring, dull situations. When we’re hungover and weighed down by alcohol, we’re highly unlikely to feel motivated enough to take constructive action. Alcohol makes anxiety and depression worse, so the thought of trying new things or reaching out to others can feel even harder than it really is.

bored without alcohol

So if boredom has been getting the best of you lately, read on for some helpful tips on how to break away from the monotony while staying sober. Imagine all of the things you’ve dreamed you might do with your life. The accomplishments you might make, the ways in which you might live, the https://ecosoberhouse.com/ way you will feel. Perhaps you’ve managed to use your will power and discipline to muscle through and achieve many of them. This is usually the case with most of the women I work with; they perform so well with alcohol in the picture, they’ve justified that they should keep it there.

• Volunteer Your Time

When the alcohol wears off, your problems will still be there, and you’ll likely reach out for more alcohol to escape them again. The average adult experiences around 131 days of boredom per year, so how you react to this boredom is critical to your mental health. If you justify to yourself, “I drink when I’m bored,” it can quickly lead to overindulgence and health concerns. If you’re a casual drinker, you should understand the ramifications of regular drinking.

bored without alcohol

Yes, sometimes you will have rubbish nights out when you’re sober. But you also have rubbish nights out when you’re drinking! (We’ve all been to parties where it didn’t matter how much we drank, it wasn’t fun.)
Sobriety means you notice what’s happening around you drinking out of boredom and that’s a good thing. Even bad experiences provide valuable information about your life. You shouldn’t need to numb yourself with alcohol in order to tolerate people you like or places you love. It’s much better to know and understand what the real you enjoys.

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